Bridging your customer experience (CX) gaps Bridging your customer experience (CX) gaps

Bridging your customer
experience (CX) gaps

Fone Dynamics has enhanced a market-first solution to help solve the growing disconnect between how customers want to engage and experiences that brands deliver. To close this gap and solve CX integration challenges, our solution rapidly integrates call data, two-way SMS and analytics with 500+ third party platforms— without the need for developers.

Closing the CX gap

In our recent CX integration survey, we asked businesses how they are connecting with their customers and what’s holding them back from delivering a seamless customer experience (CX).

While every business is different, we discovered CX remains a top challenge. Unpack the findings and get in contact with the team at Fone Dynamics to learn how we can quickly and effectively close your CX integration gap.

CX at a glance

CX is fundamental to growth

To acquire and retain customers and achieve your business outcomes, you need to build and maintain great CX.

Regardless of the quality of your products and services, if your CX is lacking you risk losing customers and negatively affecting brand health. In fact, 85% of B2B buyers and 79% of consumers say the experience you provide is as important as the products and services you offer.​1

Yet today’s customer journey is complex

In today's digital-first world, the customer journey is multifaceted. Mobile is fast becoming the channel of choice—customers engage with SMS faster than any other marketing channel.2

With calls, 83% of consumers expect an immediate response after enquiry and 76% expect a consistent experience across departments—much of which is not happening today.1

Then there are all the other touchpoints to connect, including email, web, digital marketing, TV advertising, social, mobile marketing, out of home, sponsorships and more.

Companies lack visibility to close the gaps

As customer expectations rise and more digital channels are thrown into the mix, the ability to track and analyse customer engagement becomes complex.

Marketers don’t have complete visibility or the right analytics tools across the marketing ecosystem. Too often, they are unable to connect, capture and understand all the interactions across channels, making it difficult to optimise and close the CX integration gaps.

So, what’s the solution?

CX leaders are realising the need to close the loop across the end-to-end CX journey—including CRM and other third party platforms, communication channels, and the data travelling through them.

To help you achieve true CX integration Fone Dynamics has been busy enhancing a market-first solution to integrate call data, SMS and analytics into 500+ third party platforms, including CRM, advertising, social media, helpdesk systems, finance platforms, ERP systems, marketing analytics and more.

Fast and easy to implement, you’ll have the ability to embed call data and SMS into your preferred platforms—with no coding or developer experience required. There’s also the option for a more customised, bespoke solution to solve enterprise-wide CX integration challenges.

You’ll gain full visibility into what your customers require, so you can meet them where they’re at in their channel of choice.

Building a customer-focused organisation means not just implementing one system but stringing together an ecosystem of capabilities and integrating them with business processes.
McKinsey, The Care of One
Rapid, deep CX integration
No need for developers
Full visibility across channels

Mind the CX Gap

Customer expectations are evolving fast, and it’s getting harder for brands to juggle an ever-growing mix of channels and platforms. Read our eBook on how to untangle the complexity and put the power of CX integration to work.

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Closing the CX integration gaps in your business


Enhance CX and streamline operations, fast

To deliver seamless CX in today’s complex enterprise environment, you need to align technologies and contacts across all channels—from customer care and product development, to marketing and operations.

Fone Dynamics helps make this possible, with minimal time or investment required.

  • If you have a CRM platform of choice, simply click and connect to rapidly integrate your call data, SMS and analytics, no developer input needed.
  • Easily customise your integration to suit more complex enterprise needs with code-free development.
  • Quickly and easily roll out call data and SMS services across the business, so more departments can reap the benefits.
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing systems and capabilities – with no change to the way you do things now.
  • Gain a single customer view with connected calling and SMS tracking and analytics across your entire marketing stack and communications channels.

Fone Dynamics helps you easily measure ROI with full visibility across your end-to-end marketing results, so you can enhance CX and business operations faster.


Quickly and easily solve CX integration challenges

When you’re focused on starting or growing your business, CX can easily fall through the cracks.

Simply by integrating call data and SMS within the marketing ecosystem, SMBs have a great opportunity to enhance CX and streamline business operations.

Fone Dynamics makes CX integration easy and cost-effective, with no developer input required.

  • Simple click and connect deployment of two-way SMS, call tracking and analytics into your preferred platforms.
  • 500+ integrations covering CRM, advertising, social media, helpdesk systems, finance platforms, ERP systems, marketing analytics and more.
  • Single customer view across all channels, with connected calling and SMS tracking and analytics.

Fone Dynamics helps you easily measure ROI, with full visibility across your end-to-end marketing results, so you can enhance CX and business operations, faster.

CRM provider

Add new value to your customers’ CX journeys

Stand out in a crowded CRM market by showing your customers that you not only understand the CX integration challenges they face, but you can help solve them.

With Fone Dynamics, you can demonstrate new value with fast, easy integration of call data and two-way SMS into your platform.

  • Show your customers how quick and easy it is to integrate calling and SMS services, complete with tracking and analytics capabilities, into your platform.
  • Offer click and connect deployment of two-way SMS functionality from custom-built templates that reflect known use cases, with no need for developers or heavy lifting—you simply switch it on for your customers.
  • Easily add call data and SMS to your marketing analytics dashboard, for full visibility across CX journey and channels.

By adding these capabilities to your platform, you’ll grow new revenue streams and create ‘stickier’ customers—and you’ll help your customers boost their CX and business operations, too.

Marketing agency

Enhance your offering with a white label CX solution

As a marketer, your role is to deliver best-practice strategies and advice for capturing and growing market share. Today, every strategy needs to consider CX integration first and foremost.

Fone Dynamics offers a white label solution to improve your customers’ marketing success and to grow your own capabilities and revenue.

  • Attract new clients and strengthen existing relationships by demonstrating and executing broader capabilities.
  • Help your clients better integrate their call data and SMS with their other activities, channels, marketing platforms and analytics—to pull everything together into the one program with a seamless view.

With Fone Dynamics, marketing agencies have a powerful opportunity to enhance their clients’ customer experiences and business operations quickly, with minimal time and investment.


Explore growth opportunities, minimal effort required

Show your business customers you understand the CX challenges facing the market today, and become a seamless part of your customers’ CX mix.

Fone Dynamics helps make this possible.

  • Tap into growth opportunities with new two-way SMS capabilities e.g. helpdesk.
  • Activate and port numbers all within the one system using API functionality.
  • Integrate call data and two-way SMS with any service, onboarding, and management capability—so you don’t have to change the way you do things
  • Easily tailor services to your and your customers’ needs.
  • Easily customise for your bespoke requirements, with self-service via API integrations giving your developers full flexibility and autonomy.

With Fone Dynamics you can understand and enhance CX, relationships and business operations quickly with minimal time and investment.


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